Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My "Debt Ceiling" Fall Mailer Illustration

It's the witching hour again...Fall promotion! Since it's August, it's the right time to be e-blasting and mailing out postcard bulk-mailings to garner the attention of art directors who can use my work. The subject that seems to be hot for now is the Debt Ceiling and how all the parties involved really mucked it up because of partisan politics. The people always seem to suffer while Republicans and Democrats refuse to work together or do what is best for the country. I tried to work in the effect of the Tea Party on the process too. It's all very whimsical in this illustration, but the subject is rather contentious. I love "hot button" issues.

The next mailer I plan on doing is for Halloween and it will go out in early September. That one should be a lot of fun.

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