Saturday, April 29, 2006

Simon Pegg: Hero of The Week

I found this funny and short behind-the-scenes interview with Simon Pegg about his new movie. If you loved "Shaun of The Dead" you know who he is. But I personally loved the BBC show "Spaced" which had all the same folks from "SOTD" as well. One of the best Britcoms out there, next to Father Ted, which is like crack to me personally. Anyway, Simon just proves that pale people can be appealing and I'm down with that. And he's funny...and I relate to pale and funny.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Illustrators Gone Wild!

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Ok...I'm a little bit stir crazy this morning as I pull what is my billionth all-nighter to keep pumping out those deadlines. The life of an illustrator is a little lonely at times...a wee bit isolating. But it's still the life for me. At the moment I'm trying to finish some kid's cartoons and pack my mailers and samples for the post offfice in the morning. Then it's on to 2 b/w white newspaper columns I have the good fortune to illustrate every Friday back east. I have to say that I do prefer my West Hollywood studio to my old Brooklyn studio, but I sure do miss Brooklyn and NY and people back there from time to time. I did get a great e-mail from my talented friend ( and former Brooklynite neighbor/art school buddy) Janet Hamlin who now works for the Associated Press as an art director and staff artist. She's amazing. This past month she was sent to Cuba to do courtroom drawings for the Guantanamo trial and she sent me some pics of the work she did which made it to the national news. At some point I'll have to showcase her work here, but let me just say that she's a definite inspiration to me in these wee small hours. I guess it's time to get off the computer and back to my art table to ink in some stuff.

Here's a Fluffer Nutter cartoon from my batch. I'm busy animating these critters now for my website. But, more on these guys later. And believe me, there will be more.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's Me! Yeah still figuring this blog out...

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After I cancelled my MySpace page I thought that maybe I still have enough energy to blog about my career and crap. I love to document the art openings and quirky things I'm involved in so why not do it 21st Century style. I gots lots of pep so why not speak to an audience of one, right? Well, I'll try to be as interesting as I know how. This is basically a weekly blog so I'll most likely post to it once a week with photos and entries. Who needs the pressure of writing once a day? Not me bub. I'm only one person dammit! Sheesh!

Now, y'all get outta here. Scoot!

Welcome to Roccoblog

Ok, I'm finally blogging all my weekly thoughts and actions and I don't know if that's alltogether a good thing. But here we go. For those of you who don't know me I'm an illustrator in Los Angeles and I dabble in the world of comics and animation. I have loads of interests and hope to be documenting as much as I and the world out there can handle. So sit back and prepare yourself for non-stop excitement......(not really).