Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Monsters of Doctor Who (Rough Sketch Version)

Uploaded with Here is my very rough sketch for the illustration about some of the "Monsters of Doctor Who". In the color finished version, I'll really tinker with the details, but at least I know where everything is going now for placement and I can get right into the finish next. These critters are so much fun to draw that I could have done many pages of them for days and days. Doctor Who has hundreds of monsters to choose from after such a long and continued run. I need to take a break for some "fish fingers and custard". I'll be sure to post the finish as soon as I can.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kathy Griffin "F-Bomb" Spot Illustration Finish

Uploaded with Here's my follow-up to the rough sketch I showed the other day for this spot illustration about Kathy Griffin. It is a positive piece, so the likeness is a little more idealized, but still hopefully looks like her as she drops her classic "F-Bomb". I tried out the "Torn Edges" filter in Photoshop to make the background feel a little more organic and artful. This whole piece was so much fun to do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kathy Griffin and The "F-Bomb" (Rough Sketch State)

Image Hosted by
I rarely get a caricature assignment that is of a person who I would really sink my teeth into, but Kathy Griffin is definitely up there as high on my list to draw. This is just the rough sketch that I send to clients. Had to stop on it to finish some bread and butter assignments, but I'll fix some issues tonight and start the finish, which I'll post in a day or 2. I may distort her face a little more and correct some of the arm issues, but I think it's starting to look ok. It could also use a little more stratosphere and maybe some curvature of the Earth as the bomb is dropping. I want to feel a little more gravity in the vignette.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Big City in the Enchanted Forest Illustration

Uploaded with Secretsaucestudio It's time for more Summer Promotion. I'll be sending out a ton of E-blasts to promote this illustration and a follow-up postcard mailer to thousands of art and creative directors. It was a ton of fun to do. I kept thinking about making the forest and all the critters in the forest resemble a type of "Enchanted Brooklyn". I hope it's a hit with people and I get in return assignments that are similar to this in tone. The bicycle that the gator is riding is what my new folding bike looks like, by the way. WAHOO!!!!
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