Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Monsters of Doctor Who (Rough Sketch Version)

Uploaded with Here is my very rough sketch for the illustration about some of the "Monsters of Doctor Who". In the color finished version, I'll really tinker with the details, but at least I know where everything is going now for placement and I can get right into the finish next. These critters are so much fun to draw that I could have done many pages of them for days and days. Doctor Who has hundreds of monsters to choose from after such a long and continued run. I need to take a break for some "fish fingers and custard". I'll be sure to post the finish as soon as I can.


Mandy F. said...

Wow, those are creepy. Well done!

Joe Rocco said...

Thanks Mandy. I'll have the color finish up within the week. I'll do a companion piece to this with all the Doctors of the past in that one by the Fall. Doctor Who has so many monsters to choose from.