Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Smog Blog

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I went to ride my bike to the supermarket and thought I'd shoot some pics as the sun was setting over West Hollywood just to capture what the air quality is like with all the fires ablaze around us. I believe that most of the smoggy cloudbanks are coming from the Lake Arrowhead area, but some could be coming from Malibu/Canyon Country. It does make for some pretty sunsets, but who cares about a pretty sunset when your house is on fire, right? Just as I was going past the West Hollywood Police Station a chopper was landing on their helipad and someone said it was Governor Schwarzenneger, but I can't be too sure. In this last pic, you can see the actual sunset above the Von's Supermarket on Santa Monica Blvd. The sun had just dropped below the roof, but you can see the fire truck filled with firefighters all getting free sandwhiches inside the Von's Deli.
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hamchat said...

Pretty scary Joe. Pictures say a thousand words.
The little animated forest fire adds a nice touch- how'd you do that?
good talking to you yesterday just like the olden days- eeehhh heh hehhh. cackle cackle, cough!
Ok takin' my self on out for a bit. I'll be a frequent roccoblog flyer so keep posting!