Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Worst Thanksgiving Ever

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This is the first Thanksgiving where I'm starting to feel envious of the turkey. What an awful year it's been.


nic said...

I never thought I'd sound the way I'm about to but, blame Saturn's influence. It's in retrograde and affecting more than just you. The year will end hard, but only to unveil a blossoming Spring. Sounds cheesy huh? :) This year has been a rough one for sure.
Keep your chin up and eat that turkey!!

Joe Rocco said...

I'm not an astrology believer, but things are defintiely weird for me. I got dumped in the worst way possible and now the holidays are unfolding and making me feel a little tender.

I'm sticking to the light meat this Thanksgiving. Good to hear from you Nic.

hamchat said...

keep on truckin and have a good turkey trot. just don't get the trots from it!
I know bad pun but you know me.. say hi to all