Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sketch for "Duma Key" Review

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I just did a sketch for an illustration to go with the review for Stephen King's new book "Duma Key". The client is New York Newsday and the finish will be in color. I thought it'd be fun to blog about something as I was doing it. I just turned in this sketch and am waiting to see if it's a go. But, this is what my sketches look like for my clients. I don't like to show more than one unless there's a lot of time and money. Plus, I believe that the more you show a client, the more they want to explore. Although, with this particular client, time is always of the essence and they like directness and promptness. I'll post the finish in the next day or so.

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hamchat said...

Hey Joe!
Nice- it'll be fun to see the final. Color? Hope so, you got it going on with color!