Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cincinnati Magazine

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I turned out this spot illustration this week for Cincinnati Magazine. It was about how living next door to a house showcased on Extreme Home Makeover could be very annoying and problematic. Thought it might be a good little piece to show. I think I'm getting the hang of using Adobe Illustrator for certain kinds of illustrations.


hamchat said...

I love how you've incorporated textured collages with illustrator- and it's a great piece! Glad to see you're always busy :)

Joe Rocco said...

Thanks Janet. Slowly getting there with that program. It has a tendency to make everything look too smooth and computery sometimes. I just want to et a good balance with it.

jim bradshaw said...

It's a good look you have on this piece. With great pomp and glee, I am offering you my seal of approval.