Friday, November 14, 2008

Bubble Boy

I have some good news finally! I'm leaving my position as art director of Delfino Media. Trust me, it was a very smart decision. I'm back to freelancing again full-time, but man do I have a lot of promotion to do. I appreciated the job at Delfino, but I was really unhappy with the quality of the projects that we were developing. It was uninspiring and very dull, and I just felt very unfulfilled. But, it was a great education for sure, and I'm grateful just the same. My Boss was and is a fantastic guy.

Here's a spot illustration I did for a client in St. Louis. It was entirely done in Illustrator CS3.

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nic said...

you're on an Illustrator roll! It looks great. Congrats on the job decision and settling back into freelance-mode; sounds like you'll be happier.