Monday, March 16, 2009

Janet Hamlin on Bill Maher's "Real Time" (HBO)

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My good friend Janet Hamlin's courtroom illustration work was just mentioned in a bit called "New Rules" on his show "Real Time with Bill Maher". Max and I were watching this, and I saw her courtroom art and yelled out, "That's my friend Janet's Work"!. He grabbed his handy camera and "voila", here's what it looked like. Although, I do agree with Maher that courtroom illustration in the modern world is starting to make less and less sense. It is one area of illustration that is obviously going to become a thing of the past. One advantage that illustrated courtroom art has over just a quick cell phone pic is that it manages to interpret, through the illustrator, the mood and climate of the courtroom and all the players involved. A pic can't always express that.


Lauri said...

I saw her illustrations on the Daily show, too. We didn't have a handy camera, though!!

hamchat said...

Thank you- and Max- for taping and posting this. I am really touched. And I had no idea my sketch made it to Maher's show until you told me~will link this to my blog. xxoo

Bob Fingerman said...

I love that you videoed the image of the TV, rather than record it on, say, a VCR (if you're old school), or TiVo or DVR.

Joe Rocco said...

We actually just used a digital camera to both take a pic and also make an avi of the segment. Max had it on his dvr and we just rewound it after I spotted Janet's work. It's the 21st century baby!

Lloyd Dangle said...

Janet is awesome. I always thought it would be good to have somebody like Joe Rocco cover real court cases. Make it fun. Come on, lighten it up a little. They're all about life and death and crime and punishment, do the illustrations have to be so serious?