Thursday, May 07, 2009

Obama as Atlas

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This week I did a halfway decent "Obama as Atlas" illustration. I'm pretty satisfied with the likeness and hopefully art directors will feel behooved to call me for more. I really wanted to go wild with the caricature, but I basically stayed in an area that was in-between conservative and "caricaturey". It's an image that a lot of regional magazines and newspapers won't feel is too distorted and more user friendly since I just want to keep the work 'a comin' in. I just got a small illustration about the performer "Nelly" to do next. Let me know what you all think if you can.


alex fine illustration said...

This is a great illustration. It makes a lot of sense especially now that the GOP has been trying to trip him up at every turn.

Joe Rocco said...

Thanks Alex! I'm just starting to blog again after a bit of a lull. I'll probably do more Obama illustrations in the future. Right now I'm doing something about the show Mad Men.

I should go check out your blog too!