Friday, October 03, 2014

"Robots Taking Our Jobs" Illustration

Hooray! I completed my illustration about the threat of robots taking all our jobs away. I tried to get a subtle "WPA" quality coming through on the finish, although it's just enough of it that I hope it makes sense. Adding smokestacks and gears to any background make it feel industrial and WPA-like, I guess.


Mandy F. said...

I get the WPA vibe. I think the real threat to the work force will be to the sex industry. Where's the Pris basic pleasure model?

Joe Rocco said...

Funny you should say that...cause I'm working on my "Blade Runner" illustration right now and sketching Pris. I love working on it too. I wish you were here over the summer because they showed Blade Runner in the Million Dollar Theater which was a location across from the Bradbury Building in the movie itself. You see the shot clearly when Pris slams her arm in J. F. Sebastian's vehicle.