Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Logo Designed for "Three Danes Baking Company" in Austin, Texas!

I'm in the final stages of completing a logo for a small bakery in Austin that is just starting up called "Three Danes Baking Company" and I'm really excited by the way they're coming out. Here are some examples of the logo in it's home stretch. There will be more on this as it comes to completion and a follow-up when the logo is used in all it's various ways for this company. Coming up with characters that felt a little vintage and cartoonish in that early 1960's mid-century approach was right up my alley and I couldn't more proud of the way these ladies turned out. The client is very happy with them and they were such a pleasure to work for. I cannot express what a dream client they are and I hope the Bakery is a huge success so I can help on other design projects for them in the future.


Mandy F. said...

Love these ladies! Now I'm craving kolaches. Who's up for a road trip to West, Tx?

Joe Rocco said...

After I finish getting this last round of lard off of me and I no longer appear as a "tub of goo", I'd be in for a road trip to sample a baked good...or 2. I will of course barf if up seconds later in the "Royal" tradition to keep the weight off and certainly not as a reflection of the quality of the baked goods.