Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Fluffer and Nutter Experience!

Lights! Camera!....ACTION!

Finally I am deep into the world of animation as I make the first short for my cartoon "Fluffer and Nutter", based on the weekly comic strip of the same name. I did a story in my zine "Guilt Trip" called "Wet T-Shirt Contest" that the first of the 3 shorts is based on and they all will run about 5 minutes in length. Here are some images from the completed scenes so far. I had some great people involved in the recording and voice talent for this too. We had a real fun time improvising and getting it just right. So I really cannot wait to post them to my YouTube page as well as my web site and other sites. More to come on this I swear.

From July of last year to late January of this year I was strapped into a chair working on an animated pilot for a small production company. The show was called "Eddie and The Squid" by Brett Merhar. It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears....and a lot of unecessary drama too, but that's another story. I was really proud of working on it and also of Brett's work. He tinkered with things as much as he could to make it better and better which I feel has inspired me to use the same attitude as I do my own shorts. That whole experience has made me appreciate being in the moment and completing my own animated stories and characters. All in all it's a good thing.

I'll be updating this as I finish the first short, but here are images from several completed scenes.
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