Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My LOST Series

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Here's a quick set of illustrations I did over the weekend. The drawings are somewhere between caricature and portrait, mostly because of the time crunch in getting all 13 finished and then the 2 maps. And they had to be used as icons throughout the supplement, so the readability factor was important. I love the show a lot and can't wait for the final season, but it's a difficult show to explain to anyone. The story almost makes zero sense...but, it's fun. It's no "Battlestar Galactica" is all I'm sayin'!


hamchat said...

these are fantastic. you nailed the likenesses! where will we see these? EW?!

Joe Rocco said...

Hi Janet!

I did these for The Star-Telegram in Ft. Worth. Thank God Cynthia called. I'm actually surprised she had any jobs to assign with their tight money situation right now. I got $1000 for it and was up for a couple of days while Max was here doing them and researching everything. I caught Max's cold though from being up so late. He was so funny and comforting to have around. What a great feller!

I sure wish EW would call me. I'll probably put some of these heads on my website. Thanks for your glowing review.

nic said...

ahhh love the heads!!!! And their sneaky sidewards glances!!

Joe Rocco said...

Hey Nic! Thanks for the great comment and compliment. I love the old 3/4 pose. I feel like it looks more like the person if it's in 3/4 mode. I've been meaning to go over to your blog too. I think I'll go there.....now!

Bob Fingerman said...

Those are great.

Joe Rocco said...

If only these would lead to more work. It's pretty bleak out there. Jeepers!