Monday, February 02, 2009

Flu Season Promotional Illustration

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I just ordered a new postcard mailer and decided to send out an image about "Flu Season". Especially while it's hot. I'm deep in the middle of massive promotion on a daily basis now since work has slowed, and many newspaper and magazine budgets are cut down to a mere nub. I have a series of simpler pieces going out all week that are fun and only going to a targeted group of clients and people who've expressed a lot of interest in the past. But, this postcard is a fairly big mailing for me. At least 1000 folks.


jim bradshaw said...

You'd have to be sicker than flu sick not to hire this man. That's my endorsement and I'm sickin' to it.

I wish you well on this fine mailing buddy.

Joe Rocco said...

Thanks Jimbo! I'm already getting a couple of small jobs from the first mailer I put out. this one is the second one just making the rounds. I'm crossing my fingers that it will get me magazine stuff. You never know