Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Little Cupidity

Click this link for something really stupid I made a few years back when I was teaching myself Flash. Notice how odd the lip synch is. But, consider this my Valentine's Day gift to you. Click me for a Special Valentine's Day Message!


Martha Rich said...

Yo Joe

FAB!!! the mouth looks like a vajayjay and a weenayayay. So nicely disturbing.

Where is the recording messages section? We wanted to leave you obnoxious messages right now. Mark Esther and I are at the studio drinking some vino and need to talk about BALLSACK on a recording.

Martha Rich said...

oh yeah I see an anoos in there too. YAY!!

Joe Rocco said...

I went ahead and put that Roccovoiemail back up. I had taken it down earlier because I thought it blocked people from seeing that I had a mailing list for the blog. Anyway, I put it below the mailing list, so it's all good. Leave me a filthy message you dirty girl!

Martha Rich said...