Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Poster

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I did this poster last year for my friends Paula Killen and Lisa Orkin at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood. Their show got rave reviews and I've since done another poster for Lisa's one-woman show. One promise I have for myself is to do more independent theatre posters if I can get them. I love illustrating for the Theatre.


hamchat said...

Nice lipstick.. I'm having fire hydrant flashbacks!
Seriously, love the composition. Great limited colors too. Yer a genius!

Joe Rocco said...

Awwww....thanks Jan. The lipstick is distorted a little to be very obviously phallic. It's a women's comedy, so it seemed appropriate. wocka wocka!

jim bradshaw said...

Wow! I dig this poster in all it's pinkyness. And that blog header is sweeter than sunshine my brother.

Joe Rocco said...

It is pretty damn pink, isn't it? I think because it was a 2 woman show, I was trying to tap into my feminine side for them. Aww crap...I think I just had my period!

Gabriel Silva said...

Very good!!

bestonline323 said...

Wow! i love this! i love the colors and everything. You should really pursue this talent its amazing!

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