Monday, February 11, 2008

The Book of Esther

You can purchase Unlovable comics and products at or at other fine comic stores and boutiques across the universe. Also, Visit Esther's Site for news and info on her other projects.


hamchat said...

Nice! Esther is a force of nature.. take that as you will, with her sense of humor. I can't wait! I hope the book is backordered 'cause it should be.

jim bradshaw said...

She is very funny. And the girl gots serious paint skills. Me thinks me hates her with a jealous artist kinda hate. ;)

btw: You is pretty funny to mister. You almost made me snarf my lunch while reading the ending of the pink poster post. If I get fired you can't be my friend any more.

Joe Rocco said...

Yeah...we all love Esther P. W.! I'm just glad she's doing comics and inspiring me and others to keep doing what we do. And she' a laugh a minute to be around too. She bakes a bundt cake every time I come over.

And...I'll try to be a little more Eastern European with my jokes for the safeguarding of your job. Don't want you to chuckle and snort your milk out of your nose and onto your keyboard. Have a giggle free day!... Nope, I just cannot do it. I needs my giggles.